Mobster E Liquids cloud chasers



Mobster E Liquids cloud chasers

Hello and welcome the Mobster VG Liquids suppliers of E Liquids and Vaping Supplies and Accessories. We pride ourselves as being one of the only companies that stock only 100% VG organic liquids for a true vaping experience.

Vaping tastes better with top grade VG E Liquids but is proven to last longer than any PG liquids on the market.

Why buy our E liquid?

We Supply the Very Best E Liquids on the Market
We have studied long and hard to find the very best E liquids. We try the product and make sure that all the ingredients used are of the highest grade possible.

A Huge Range of Vapes and Flavours to Choose From
From traditional tobaccos to fruity and specialty flavours. We decided to only stock VG E liquids for the purity and flavour they produce and also the volume of vape.

All Our Staff are Experienced “Vapers”
Providing help and assistance, guidance etc based on their personal experience. We have tried and tested all our products ourselves.

Try Before You Buy
Call into any one of our 5 shops where we have a tasting stations and you can try out our E liquids.