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blu PRO™ liquids

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  • blu PRO™ liquids

Customize your experience and create the perfect vape. The blu PRO® and blu ACETM flavours use e-liquids that allow you to match your mood with the perfect taste, no matter the occasion. On top of that you can choose the nicotine level, including nicotine-free, so every vape delivers the desired kick.

blu® Cherry

is our take on sweet, plump sun-ripened Maraschino cherries with notes of our popular ‘Tobacco’ flavour. Made with domestic and imported ingredients: vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavourings, water and nicotine

Tropical Tonic

Experience this fusion of exotic flavours inspired by a taste of the Pacific Islands. With the subtle, sweet aromas of pineapple, mango and passionfruit

Peach Passion

  • Inspired by the fresh flavour of ripe peaches
  • Crafted with notes of peach and seasonal spice

Berry Swirl

  • Flavours inspired by a fresh berry smoothie
  • Crafted with strawberry, raspberry and blueberry notes

Vanila cream

  • Inspired by the smooth, creamy flavour of vanilla
  • Crafted to be not too strong, not too sweet

Strawberry mint

  • Our surprising twist on flavours
  • Combination of sweet and minty zest

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Berry swirl, Cherry, peach passion, Strawberry Mint, Tropic Tonic, Vanila cream