Dinner Lady Summer Holidays E Liquid 50ml short fill




Dinner Lady Summer Holidays E Liquid 50ml short fill


Dinner Lady Summer Holidays E Liquid 70/30 VG PG


Flavour Profiles:

Sun Tan Mango

A complex blend with a simple taste. Alfonso, honey, unripe mango. Combined with ice for a taste of paradise.

Strawberry Bikini

Strawberry, smashed with ice and dropped into a cloudy lemonade, bursting at the seams with sharp lemony goodness.

Flip Flop Lychee

Dinner Lady Flip Flop Lychee is a huge burst of citrus fruit offset with Asian Lychee and a liberal splash of ice. Guaranteed to deliver a taste of sunshine.

Cola Shades

Deliciously authentic cola with a twist of lemon, served on the rocks. Guaranteed to quench your vaping thirst.

Black Orange Crush

Blackcurrant and oranges with many more accompaniments…all combined into one kick-ass burst of flavour.

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Black orange Crush, Cola Shades, Flip Flop Lychee, Stawberry Bikini, Sun Tan Mango