Fogger BIG V4 26650

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Fogger BIG V4 26650



Here is the BIG version of the Fogger v4 (28.5mm). It will look flush with your 26650 devices. Everything is the same EXCEPT the liquid capacity. This baby can hold up to 8ml of juice.


1x BIG Fogger v4 (28.5mm)

1x Drip Tip

1x Screwdriver

1x Bag of O-Rings, Wick, and Wire

28mm diameter RBA
Stainless steel body
Dual coil setting configuration
Bottom feeding mechanism
Adjustable air flow control ring
Adjustable center pin
Threading top cap, easy to assemble and disassemble
Glass Tank 10ml juice capacity
510 thread connector

Package Includes:
Big Fogger v4 RBA
Extra 510 long drip tip
Extra phillips screws
Extra o-rings
Kanthal Wire

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