Mobster cloud chasing e liquid 50ml shortfills



Mobster cloud chasing e liquid 50ml shortfills



Mobster shortfills with Free Nicshot

 Mobster Cloud Chaser E liquids MAX VG


Heavy and rich as your RDA will be smoking like a barrel of
machine gun after vaping this mesmerising blend. Creamy vanilla topped with gooey
toffee served with hot freshly ground coffee. Life is beautiful!



This one is for smooth operators! Delicious creamy peanut butter with
layers of rich honey sprinkled with chocolate. This juice is a truly stunning vape!


All we can say that this juice is for the best mouth-watering
experience. All day vape that is very satisfying! Summer is all year long with this mix
of berry fruits.

is a unique blend of English tobacco with hints of caramelly nuances. If
you want to rediscover a new blend that makes your taste buds wonder this is the
flavour to try


Inspired by prohibition in America, just like today facing FDA regulations is our line of
premium juices.
These premium juices are named by famous mobsters and are designed for flavour
& cloud chasers.
They are MAX VG full on vapor & flavour production.

Mobster Cloud Chaser E liquids MAX VG

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Gussie, Jackie the Lacky, Machine Gun, Smoots