SMOKtech Micro TFV4 Replacement Coil




SMOKtech Micro TFV4 Replacement Coil

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The SMOKtech Micro TFV4 Replacement Coil features the Micro CLP2, a dual fused Clapton core packed into a smaller shell, built specifically for output wattages in the 30 to 60W range without sacrificing vapor production and the Micro STC2 Core features a Stainless Steel dual core that is designed to utilize the temperature control capabilities of the R80. Each coil is built with organic cotton and a vertical coil arrangement

Coil Specifications:

  • Micro CLP2
    • 30 to 60W
    • Patented Fused Clapton Dual Core
    • 0.3 ohms
  • Micro STC2
    • 30 to 60W
    • Patented Stainless Steel Dual Core
    • Temperature Sensing Capability
    • 0.25 ohms
  • Micro R2 RBA Head
    • Rebuildable Two Post
      • Independent Side Applied Negative Posts
        • Part of Airflow
    • PEEK Insulators
    • Quad 5mm by 1.5mm Wicking Ports
    • Dual Bottom Airflow
    • Prebuilt .25 ohm Clapton (Nonwicked)
    • Includes Strand of Clapton Wire, Organic Cotton, O-Rings and Additional Screws

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