Vampire Vapes Shortz 50ml short fills


The Shortz is a brand new signature collection from the masterminds behind Vampire Vape, one of if not the most known name in the vaping industry in the UK market. This specific line of shortfills features ice slushie-drink flavours with fruity notes and sweet undertones, the range includes Cool Blue Slush, Cool Red Slush and Cool Yellow Slush as well as the new additions Strawbizzle, Sourade or Purple Fusion, all flavours in this range guarantees pure satisfaction



Vampire Vapes Shortz 50ml short fills

Vampire Vape Shortz offer a wide range of different short fill flavours, all based upon some of the nation’s favorite beverages. Whether it’s the Cool Blue Slush, Highland Soda or the award-winning Watermelon Mojito, there are plenty of tempting options available. Vampire Vape Shortz is well suited to sub-ohm e-cigs, and can produce flavorful clouds of vapour thanks to its 30:70 PG/VG ratio.

Vampire Vape Shortz is manufactured in the UK with premium quality ingredients, ensuring vapers receive the best flavors each and every time.

Vampire Vape Shortz is available in 6 flavors and is supplied in 50ml, with an additional 25ml space within the bottle to add nic shots of your choosing. Whether you prefer standard nicotine or nic salts, we stock a range of nic shots in various PG:VG ratios to provide the ultimate short fill freedom.

PG / VG Ratio – 30 / 70
Nicotine Strength – 0.0%
Made in the UK

Vampire Vapes Shortz 50ml short fills

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Grapefruit Sunrise, sourade, Strawbizzle, Watermelon Mijito