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My name is Colin I am Carl’s older brother, Carl actually introduced me to E-Cigs or rather “insisted” that I use them and I have never looked back.

I have Asthma and really should not have started smoking in the first place of course but I did, peer pressure and all that. Anyway a couple of years back I had a really bad time over Christmas with an Asthma attack and a touch of Pneumonia did not help. I had tried some E-Cigs in the past, you know the ones that look like cigarettes but after smoking 20 Drum roll ups a day they just didn’t work. Carl gave me an Ego E-Cigarette and said I “had” to use it going forward and to this day I have not had or needed to have a cigarette.

I know I could wean myself off nicotine but as I am comfortable with what I am using I am fine. At present I am using menthol, other flavours I like are Blueberry, Fennel and Mint Strawberry from our choice of 50 flavours, we add more flavours regularly but at the moment these are great for me, I also add a touch of menthol to other flavours just give a touch of mint to them. As a matter of interest my Asthma and wellbeing has got noticeably better to the degree I rarely use my sprays unless really under the weather, lung volume increased no coughing and hey I don’t smell !!!.

My previous job was getting a bit tedious so I was looking for something to do as a new interest and Carl suggested I open a shop to complement our other shop in cheadle This would enable us to help even more people to give up and enjoy a better way of “smoking”. I opened here at Hazel Grove at the beginning of 2013. I have employed Steve our brother  to help me and between us we enjoy helping others advising them on their needs and requirements and have the satisfaction telling them the benefits of vegetable fluids and the different methods of attaining ways of quitting or enhancing their “vaping”.

If you should need any help or advice we will always give you options, suggestions and you can even try our flavours before you buy.

I hope you will visit us here at E Cig shop Hazel Grove where you will always receive a warm welcome.
Happy Vaping
Colin & Steve

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